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Raagmala in Saroop with Bhai Roop Chand Jis Descendants:

This handwritten Guru Granth Sahib Ji Saroop is found at Bhai Roopa village in the Bathinda district of Punjab and was copied from a Saroop by Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Ji. It has been kept with Bhai Roopa jis family since that time and the authenticity lies in the fact that the family who possess this Saroop trace back their lineage to 4 of the Guru Sahibs and also possess many other historical artefacts bestowed to them by the Gurus.

Upon doing closer analysis we found that the handwriting of the likhari, the paper used and the border design matches that on all the other Angs (Pictured below is Raagmala and Japji Sahib for comparision):

History of Bhai Roop Chand Ji Lineage:

Bhai Roop Chand Ji were one the fives Sikhs that were blessed with the title of ‘Bhai’ by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, and was also given the name of ‘Roop Chand’ by Guru Ji upon birth. The foundation of village Bhai Roopa was laid by Guru Ji themselves on 16th Baisakh 1687, Bikrami (1630 A.D). Bhai Roop Chand Ji were placed in charge of the spiritual welfare of the new region of Malwa and the country south of Sutlej by Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. With his own hands Guru Ji made Bhai Roop Chand the Masand of the area and put on his forehead the Tilak, (saffron mark of leadership) and gave a karchha, a long spoon, asking him to run langar to feed the poor and the needy.

Bhai Roop Chand ji and his descendants were also very close to Guru Har-rai Sahib ji, Guru Tegh bahadur Sahib ji and Guru Gobind Singh ji; Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib ji even decided that Bhai Roop Chand will perform the marriage ceremony of Guru Gobind Singh ji and Bibi Jeeto ji. Bhai Roop Chands family and sons continued to serve Guru Gobind Singh ji and were baptized at Damdama Sahib. Guru Ji felt happy over the devotion of Bhai Roop Singh and his sons and gave them their personal Gurbani Pothi with Guru jis signature, plus one handkerchief, small knife and showered His divine blessings on them.

The Bhai Roopa family also possesses a bundle of hukamnamas, Royal warrants from Guru sahibs in which, besides asking for men, money and war materials, the Guru acknowledged Bhai Roopa's family as his own family, A chariot, rabab and KHADAWAN (wooden shoe) of Guru Arjan Devji, One KHADAWAN of Mata Gangaji, some paintings of Guru Sahib's times including one of Guru Gobind Singh ji's childhood. One hand written Guru Granth Sahib ji (which includes raagmala), One Karchha, Qatar, many hand written Pothies, Cot which was used to bestow 'BHAI TITLE’, Original top cloth of RATH (chariot). One personal Pothi signed by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, GATRE WALI KIRPAN, RUMAL (handkerchief), LOH (Round Steel plate to cook roti), one GARWA,one seat of Camel, one Gager, Parat(to knead flour), one old chowki And LOH at Syriawala.

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